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Regarding to Shen Fung's entries

Jan. 3rd, 2008 | 05:21 pm

I think i was thinking too much of it til i have that kinda "imagination"...
MEmories are meant to be passtime story..wat passed is passed..
So..it wasnt saying dat i stil love u alot..it juz dat i had buried the love ihad in u in the deepest place in my heart..
I wil NEveR Love u again :D

YEAh..finally i had made the statement cleaRED>.>>>

SuddeN HappinESs

Jan. 3rd, 2008 | 11:53 am
mood: BEating BEating


I was walking walking walking...as usual..to the bus stop...
On the way.. i saw a yellow shirt guy walking in front of me..and i was like following him at the back :D..haha..
THe first eye i saw him..i recognize him d..BUT UNOE =.=
I M DAMN COWARD CHICKEN>>> i dun even dare to say a hi to him...o.O dat's so not me rite?

Hmm...we reached the bus stop and waited for bus..HE was SMOKING =.=
well..i have no offense with that... of cuz ~~ he was my crush :D

DEn..when the bus arrived..i sat down..and guess wat =.=
HE SAT BEHIND ME =.= dere's like so many other place u can sit...
U noe..it's like somebody is watching behind u...Y.Y tho my heart is beating FASTTTTT

DEn...when i almost reach college..finally..he has the guts to say : " SZE MUN..."
O H gosh..it's really him..den we juz hav a real short conversation...Y.Y saddddd.........well..i wondered why he din continue study..nvm..it's ok..i blif he has his way..

after i gt down from the car...I WAS LAUGHING all the way eventho i was late for class HOHOHOHO...

* my hand was actually shaking when he sat behind me...o.O paiseh la

Shen fung

Dec. 31st, 2007 | 06:20 pm
mood: almost to dead almost to dead

U made my life so miserable...
U tot me lots of thing..to grow
U gave me unforgettable memories
U took my heart & my soul
& almost everything close


today is another memorable day of ours..I wonder if u will still remember..I Doubt it..
How we celebrate new year eve together..
how fated we were

we can even met in the crowd of 'millions'....which was not easy..i cant even met with my third ex eventho we were toking to each other..

around 11.20, my pone run out of battery...guat lu wasnt having a pone with her..dat's when we begun to search for each other..
we passed by each other...we almost gt separated...but u hold me back..pull me back..

however..i let go..i was the one..
but do u ever noe
after i passed the letter to ting hui...
when i almost crossed the road near my house...
my heart
it asked me to go back for YOU
and i did..............I RAN back.........
i was glad dat u were stil there..BUT
I saw u kept the letter in ur pocket...
and i din reach my hand out to take it back..cuz
my mind was telling me dat..u wanted the same thing as well..
U kept it...
and u send me home.....and there's where we went apart of each other..
u headed the other side of mine..did u turn your head over?

at nite, u called me and when u were telling me stories between us...the memories..
U shed a tears..And now..i took over the place..i was the one dat kept everything in mind..and thinking back at nite time..crying to sleep...haha..stupid me..
I think u might me my last and only one..
even if i m with another guy..but during big events like today..u will definitely appeared..in my mind..
My heart is broken now..again..i m goin to stay at home..so i dont see u with another gal..taking over my place...

when i heard dat u said u wana be the old u..i was happy for u..HOWEVER...the feelings u had toward me...has already fade..which will never come back again and anymore...I HAVE HURT U...
So DO U..


Dec. 28th, 2007 | 01:40 pm
mood: giggly giggly

# Joke 1 #
- Dead Pussy -
An old maid wanted to travel by bus to the pet cemetery with the remains of her cat. As she boarded the bus, she whispered to the driver, I have a dead pussy.

The driver pointed to the woman in the seat behind him and said, "Sit with my wife. You two have a lot in common.

# Joke 2 #
- Costume Party -
What do you call a man going into a costume party with a potato on his private?

A dictator


# joke 3 #
- Ex- girlfriend -
A guy runs into his ex-girlfriend at a bar.

"I had sex with another woman last night," he tells her. "But I was thinking of you the whole time."

"You miss me that much?" she asks.

"No," he says. "But it kept me from coming too fast."


Well..here is the one i dun really get it..until i saw someone commented on it..
- Moles -
A family of moles had been hibernating all winter. One beautiful spring morning, they woke up. The father mole stuck his head out of the hole and looked around. "Mother Mole!" He called back down the hole. "Come up here! I smell honey, fresh made honey!" The mother mole ran up and squeezed in next to him. "That's not honey, that's maple syrup! I smell maple syrup!" The baby mole, still down in the hole, was sulking. "I can't smell anything down here but molasses..."

Catch for more at


Dec. 27th, 2007 | 09:43 pm
mood: aggravated aggravated


and when is my salary out? ..... DAMN IT...

well...holidays boring..

and den..due to my age problem..i m not allow to go out at nite ....WAT THE FUCK?????

i mean...when both of them are busy with their MAHJONG...i can go out till like 12 or something..
and now..today both of them sat in front of tv do nth..they very boring..and so i cant go out? Nonsense >>>

Bsides, dis time was like around 9..last time was around 11 =.= damn it..i m not going pub or anywhere illegal =.=

                                  FUCK IT!!!


Dec. 19th, 2007 | 09:07 am
mood: disappointed disappointed
music: Shining Friends

Abit abit nt happy la...Y.Y


PEini And I din get the chance to watch the present giving ceremony ( SHen yi ) T.T cant c her SHOCKed FACE>>>
But nvm la...Hehe...hope that Pei ni wont kill me oni :D Cuz yesterday she kept on remind me to Call her along to pass the present :D

Ahmmm..Nothing to blog bout yet..cuz it's only 9 now :D...and..my sorethroat getting abit worst d?...cant sing d..
cant go for friday .....:D

Oh ya..I M GAining Weight d,,,, hehe...so from now on..i will oni take breakfast and dinner...:D

- Lecture -

Life is a drama. Dramas can be broadly divided into those with happy endings and those with sad or tragic endings.Similarly, depending on its ending, a person's life can be termed as having been either happy or sad. To envy or ridicule others solely on the basis of their lives up to a certain point indicates a lack of understanding of the reality of life.

SS15 is going down :D

Dec. 18th, 2007 | 04:43 pm
mood: blah blah

African is going to conquer ss15 d...

Hoho..i actually sitting at resource (the laptop place dere)
WHile i enjoyed my sweet moment...nightmares came =.=
An african guy sitted next to me..and u noe there's another gal next to her and i m sitting at the corner..so it was like SO CLOSE of us..

At first, he was saying hi..yes..den he started of with my pone..i left it exposed hoho.. den he started to ask..bla bla bla den..

F : "are you from foundation?"
" yeah..the third sem".." but i m only 17..hehe ^^"
F : "OO..dat means..in real life...you can make up/out?? with me..right?" ( idin really hear wat he say but i know wat he meant -,- )

@.@ Gosh...i kept quiet and trying to be nice with my smile :D

den..he repeated the same thing..the last sentence in blue..stil...me remain silent..
den..he again..

F: " u noe? u shud hav try to hav a bf from college.."

Obviously, what he's trying to say..ahem...:D  he said he hardly datedwith any chinese gal cuz  WE are too conservative :D YES I CAN tel u..50% 90% of chinese dun date with Hmmm..hehe..but i dun discriminate..i told him dat we can be frens..since he's really a nice guy to tackle with..haha

Oh ya..he said this
" u noe? if somehow u r my gf, i scared that u never want to leave me.........." OH GOSH...yeah actually i AGREE with wat he said..cuz they are really hmm..good in that..:D but juz tat not my type?

But still, we be frens :D but whenever i go out with him..i wil be bringing a gang of frens ( 5 to6 ) hehehe..and not at night :D
better watch out oso :D
Tat's all..

*P/s : he sat next to me and tok to me for almost an hour ^^ Oh....and no one save me =.=

I m not tall?

Dec. 15th, 2007 | 02:00 am
location: Hospita;
mood: dying dying

Q : Wat's wrong if I M ONLY 160?

A :  Well...if u are 160..means u dun have the model height...which means tat he wouldn't like you..

Hmm... there's one thing on the world called PLASTIC SURGERY... but of cause i wont do it juz to attract him..Dat's too stupid of me..

i know somthing is so wrong..U can't like someone juz with the first-sight...
BUt i m not very into him..i m juz trying to be frens first...
But now..after conversation with my "ex"..
FInding out tat I M NOT TALL ENUFF..........
it actually did killed my confidence abit...But it actually doesnt affect much
However, my ex kept on asking me to find a new one anew one..-,- 
" I knw him too well d.. He prefer model height"  =.=

I M BORn to be this tall short ok? i din ask for it?... =.=

For this moment now..let me cool down first...i m not taking any action til my confidence is back...
GRRrrrrrrR...... GOSH !!

* Dead MAN * -- Superstitious??

Dec. 13th, 2007 | 03:07 pm
location: home hibernating ^^
mood: cold cold
music: Jingle bell ~

From last week to this week...three of them that i know..had passed away..
the aunty was around 60's..passed away due to some cancer prob..

ANother victim, Geraldine...
And, we actually tok bout her during my sat shooting period...we were sitting down and chatting..
Suddenly, we tok bout her having leukimia cancer...And we were wanting to visit her after the shooting..but we din...den, that nite, after my work(promoter), i received a msg dat she had passed away dat morning..

And at the same time, we tok bout this uncle, Gary, he had some sort of sickness..and he had passed away as well yesterday morning..

I duuno wat're u thinking,,,but i felt creepy...better dun discuss or tok bout sick ppl...~~~~~

Dat's all..hehe

GReat Experience

Dec. 7th, 2007 | 11:09 am
location: college
mood: busy busy
music: Goodbye Myfren

06/12/07                     Rainy Day

It's raining whole day....

Two - three of my frens are leaving today..
- back to Taiping (Renna)
- Travel to Vietnam (Beatrice)
- Travel to Taiwan (Xhin Ie)
I hav to sent my fren(renna) to Kota Raya right after our Macroeconomic Presentation...Three of us(include JOnathan) took a T623 to Kelana Jaya..And den took Lrt to Masjid JamaK..And den took another Lrt to Kota Raya...=.= hmm..WEll..amazingly, it took us less than an hour time..

During the way to Masjid Jamak, a lady around 40-50 walked in to the Lrt and stood right next to me.....Shit..Wat should I do?..I was thinking if i shud stand up and giv the seat to her..But I DIN... i noe i was so rude..T.T i juz cant laugh and chit-chat like the other two of them..hoho..(well..dat lady aint tat old)..i felt guilty..But, luckily the lady went out earlier than us..It's kinda relieved when she left ><
Besides, when we passed by a place duno wher la..OH GOSH..i noe why Malaysia is polluted country..
Cars....CARS cars everywhere..stucking together...i will upload the pic lata..

And when we took the Lrt..ahha..Renna Spotted something..hmm..Kah hin's company!!! WHoa

After we reached Kota raya..i was shocked..Well... I was a kitty cat who live in an overwhelming castle..I had never been to a place like dis in Malaysia..Hmm..It's totally like the time i went to Thailand..Chaos..Indians the most..And. that STUPID BUS Delayyyyyyy... 

My Singaporean behavior shown..I WANA COMPLAIN>>>>>> haha..


Finally, bus came..and we companied her to the bus..my tears almost drip..luckily din..Phewww~..BYe..REnna.. 
Hope u come back safely~

And..we took the same thing back to SUbang..BUt, it was 5 somthing..BUSy HOUR of public transportation =.=
GRRRRR>>>>>>>again..my first time to take Lrt like sandwich in Malaysia..Grrrr....and..my ass was too big til it touches another guy's ass.=.= u DUN LAUGHHH..not even giggle =.=

Okie..when i reach Metro College..It's adi 6.30..T.T which means that i hav to take bus home..
AnD Dun fgt that it's stil raining T.T...I took the bus home and i hav to walk under the rain for 15mins with that stupid slippery slipper around 7pm..T.T

When i reached home..EXHAUSTED>>AND smelly hair of the polluted air..